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Power of The Cufflink

16 May Power of The Cufflink

Cufflinks….I know I know as soon as you hear the word cufflinks I am sure the first thing that comes to your mind is pimps (yes the ones in the blue suits and crocodile loafers) and old school mafia just to name a few. Sadly, cufflinks have somewhat become a thing of the past, however in my opinion its only because most men do not know how to style them and really the POWER that is behind them. Just like for a woman wearing pearls is a sign of status and power cufflinks do the same thing for a man.

So if you are struggling eating peanut butter and jelly every day and are about to interview for you dream job than you better listen up closely….the answer is a sharp suit and CUFFLINKS. Have you seen the girl of your dreams, however she has not noticed you, well then it’s high time to go up to her looking suave with a crisp shirt, either nice slacks or tailored jeans, loafers and of course the infamous cufflinks to top it off. This look will not only catch her eye but peak her curiosity which is usually how you will get that first date! ☺ Or maybe you are even that shy guy at a networking event or business seminar wearing cufflinks can be a great conversation piece. This is why I have found the most unusual and interesting cufflinks bound to get the attention you deserve and the POWER you are dying to have.

One quick styling tip: Make sure to match your accessories (yes, this means all your accessories, now I am not saying be all matchy matchy but I am saying to coordinate them in a strategic way, this includes your tie down to your socks!); the ladies love it! And remember your accessories should be a reflection of your personal style.
Chris Aire Fine Jewelers; $732,375.

Statement of a lifetime. Correction these are at the top of the list for bling, rare materials and just simply an ostentatious manner. If you are the soon to be jetsetter then this statement is a must have. Only after you purchase your copter and or G550. Made in Platinum with yellow and white diamonds, these cufflinks are simply a rare piece of art.

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