Group23 | About G23
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About G23


  • We are musicians
  • We are software developers, designers, builders and dreamers
  • We are artists and athletes
  • We enjoy guilty pleasures, really nice watches, bourbon with so much oak you can almost see the wood chips floating on top, and spending vacations on tropical islands holding drinks with tiny little umbrellas in them
  • We are communicators who love nothing more than to spread the word about your brand, your company, your products and whatever it is that makes “you” you through various channels, both digital and otherwise.


(Normally, this is the part where we would blather on about Group23 being “a different kind of company” with “unique qualifications” that help us to “differentiate ourselves” from our competitors. Another thing we would mention is our “years of experience previously working with different firms” and how a “perfect storm of events” brought this particular band of souls together to create a “new way of doing business”. Frankly, the whole thing is starting to feel like some Orwellian dream state where a large group of people dressed in grey jumpsuits repeats “we are different and unique”, so we won’t bother – we will however invite you to put us to the test and make up your own mind about the folks at G23.)


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