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Our Clients


If one really thinks about these agency client lists, they often raise more questions than they answer. For example: Did your company recently work on that project for Wells Fargo or was that nine years ago? Are any of those developers still employed by you anyway? Did you recently hire someone who worked at a firm that did the Rolex gig, but you feel it’s ok to list them as your client? What exactly did you do for Disney? Did you create that new gaming portal that everyone is raving about, or was it simply that the intern in your graphics department spent a summer there showing people where to put their 3-D glasses after riding Star Tours?


If we were to take the easy way out, our client list would be equally impressive and would instill such confidence in our unquestioned abilities that your only thoughts would be centered on whether or not we could squeeze you into our schedule and would consent to work on your mundane little project.


We’ve been accused of many things, however taking the easy way out would not be one of them. As refuges of other organizations, collectively we have a rather extensive list of clients and experiences that we’re only too happy to share. In many cases these relationships have been carried forward to Group23 as there is one central truth to everything we do. It might sound like a cliché, but it’s the longstanding and highly productive relationships we have with each other and our clients that we value most.

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