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Why G23

Ever been in a group where 4 different people were all trying to make their own (competing) point and the noise ceiling kept getting higher and higher? The group keeps shifting its collective attention to whomever is speaking the loudest, almost like watching a verbal tennis match. The idea is batted around the room with no consensus and no clear end in sight. The sound level moves beyond uncomfortably loud and starts nudging up against “wow-would you look at the time” loud. Slowly though, the body language of the group shifts as they begin physically turning towards a person off to one side actually speaking in a slightly lower than normal tone. You can’t hear what’s being said, so you find yourself turning in also. Moving a little closer, you incline your head intent on catching every word and immediately you quiet yourself and the clarity of that individual discourse can finally be heard above all others. Do we even need to say it? **


(** In case we do – we’re the guy in the corner who’s suddenly focused everyone else’s attention and we’re talking about you and your company. Clarity and focus in regards to your brand increases name recognition-which is good.)

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