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The first question we’re asked is “what exactly do you do, anyway?” (This is usually followed by “what’s the deal with the 23?”) To say that we’re a “digital marketing agency” is both suitably vague and incomplete at the same time. A one-floor elevator pitch is only marginally better – “We’re a digital marketing agency that emphasizes all areas of branding and website development to increase awareness of your company and its products/services”. That’s still unsatisfying on a variety of levels for a select few who may press the question – “but what’s your core business?” The truth of the matter is that your business is our core business. We offer a wide range of methods and services that exist to serve you in the quest to drive more potential business through your doors – virtual or otherwise. Our time-tested and refined processes consistently ensure that we maximize the unique opportunities your business strives to uncover.


In order to move those customers and clients to start breaking down your doors, they first need to know that you even exist. The “unmarked-door-off-the-alley” approach works great in theory (and perhaps for diamond merchants in Antwerp), but is utterly dependant upon many disparate factors to succeed in today’s business climate. Attention spans are shorter and global competition has never been so universally fierce which means that potential customers need to know who you are and what you represent utilizing a variety of different tools and mediums. There are no magic bullets anymore, but it’s the proper combination of technologies and creative flair that will decide just how many people are aware of your brand. Of course, what you do with those impressions is what will ultimate lead to your continued business success.

Now that awareness of your brand is out there and responses are flooding in, the next step is to turn those warm leads into actual customers or clients. Perhaps someone filled out a form online or at a tradeshow, perhaps they started a dialogue with you on your Facebook page, or simply clicked on a sponsored link that was obtained via organic search. No matter, but now that you’ve floated your trial balloon and gotten actual feedback it’s time to step up and apply targeted, focused and measured responses. Think of this as a sifting process as you engage your potential new clients and begin to draw them in so you can provide them with meaningful products and services of your own. Who’s serious? Who’s not? How did they find you? And most importantly, what’s going to be the key or keys to developing those relationships?

The goal here is two-fold: Keep your existing clients happy and spending money with you as well as using them to spread the (good) word about your company! How did you find that dentist that’s so great with your kids? How about that little gem of a restaurant that nobody has heard about? The car mechanic you’d probably trust to perform open-heart surgery if it came to that? The great thing about referrals is that if you’re doing your job correctly in regards to customer retention, they will come in almost automatically. Think that dentist is dreaming about all the extra business he’s going to get as he picks at your teeth with that sharp tool that looks like it’s actually a medieval torture device? (Let’s hope not!) Take good care of your customers and keep them engaged with your company and they will return the favor.

A list like this can be a double-edged sword. We’re hoping that you see the breadth of our services and are encouraged to contact us for further exploration. On the other hand, you might not see a specific tool or skillset mentioned and decide we’re not a good fit **. (Guess which one we’re hoping for…)

Content Management Systems

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla

Software Engineering

  • .NET Technologies
  • LAMP
  • Java
  • Cloud Computing

Mobile Technologies

Open Source Technologies

Business Analysis

Project Management


  • Digital Strategy Roadmaps
  • Use Cases
  • Usability Studies
  • Wireframes

Quality Assurance

SEO Branding and Design



(** A good rule of thumb is to fill out our contact form if you don’t see what you’re looking for. We promise not to send you a canned “of course we can do that” email unless we can indeed do that.)

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