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The Right Amount of Bathrooms

13 Oct The Right Amount of Bathrooms

So – we talk a lot about “the right amount” around here and looking for that sweet spot between “too much of this” and  “not enough of that” as a means of communicating that one of our goals is to create a custom strategy for your company that maximizes your marketing investment. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? If that were true, our job would be a whole lot easier and we could adopt a “one-size-fits-all” approach, streamline those processes and charge you a boat-load of cash for what amounts to an assembly-line that spits out web sites and digital strategy guides through the back door. The only problem to that approach (and frankly, what makes this business so damn much fun) is that no two company objectives are alike and we would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t craft a compelling solution that matched up with your needs, whether they be real or perceived.

The funny thing is that you are so close to your company, that what seems perfectly natural and “not a big deal” might seem (to put it mildly) a tad unusual or even slightly nuts to outsiders. Doesn’t mean  that the strategy or goals are wrong, just that they are not properly understood – which loops me back around to the topic at hand.

I’m always looking at properties for sale, not because we’re moving anytime soon or expanding our portfolio, but I come from a long line of architects and I find the different homes interesting. (I also enjoying making fun of other people’s design choices, but that’s another story) Recently I came across a home that I’ve driven by probably several hundred times, the only difference this time being the “for sale” sign out front. Firing up Zillow, I was immediately struck by the bolded title “3 Bedrooms, 7 Baths, 5,000 square ft“.

I’m fairly sure my mouth dropped open and stayed that way for several minutes. (And I apologize in advance if it’s your dream home or you happen to live there now)

So many things leapt out at me in that one headline, like “who needs 5,000 sq ft with only 3 bedrooms-do they park jets in there?” Of course, it was the number of bathrooms that really grabbed my imagination – if that is indeed the correct word for it. I’ll wager that few of us have lived in space with the bedroom/bathroom ratio so askew. What the heck were they thinking?

Strictly as a thought exercise (as I’m not inclined to start a remodeling project any time soon), stick with more for a moment:

  • One bathroom per bedroom – that’s the first 3
  • They have  a pool and a rather large backyard – so let’s stick another in the pool house
  • I know a few guys with rather elaborate garages – and yes, some of them have bathrooms out there
  • 5,000 sq feet and only 3 bedrooms? They probably do a lot of entertaining (or at least have the capacity to do so), so it’s not a stretch at all to scatter a couple more bathrooms around the house for guests to use. (Who aren’t swimming or working on a car in the garage)

Is 7 the “right amount of bathrooms” for this house?  Having not yet been invited to a party, I can only guess. However I think we’ve demonstrated that at least one person thinks so – and can reasonably be expected to defend their  choice with a straight face.

So what does this have to do with your Digital Marketing strategy? One size doesn’t fit all, goals and objectives differ, and company budgets are not created equal. (Trust me on that last one!) At G23 one of our stated goals is to craft a unique strategy to fits your needs, not ours. The bottom line is that if your project requires 7 bathrooms, we’ll make sure that you get all 7.

OK, enough for now – gotta run. I’ve got a 4 bedroom home with a 15-car garage to check out.

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