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Some pretty exciting news

15 Feb Some pretty exciting news

It’s funny how you don’t always end up at the destination you had in mind when you started.

When we set out on this journey many years ago, everything was going digital (duh) and we built our team accordingly. Sure, we’ve added some new capabilities along the way (Mobile Apps – hello?) but the design business has been growing faster than every other facet of our business (or maybe the beatings have paid off and the developers just work faster?). Not only that, but we’ve had tons of requests for more traditional design work – think of the stuff you can actually hold in your hand rather than point to a screen. This has lead to a very unexpected, albeit fortuitous series of events that culminated in our acquisition of a local boutique design firm by the name of FlamingoBlu. (Don’t ask about the missing “e” – we haven’t a clue either)

Tami Kailola, as the founder of FlamingoBlu will be stepping into the newly-created role of Art Director at G23 and will manage both her existing team as well as different members of her new creative family here depending on project needs. She brings over 20 years’ experience to the table with a variety of media, and frankly we’re lucky to have her. (And for the life of us, we can’t figure out why she consented to join up. Perhaps it was the clean t-shirts we wore to impress her?) We won’t be showcasing her previous work here as if they had been G23 projects, however you can see some portfolio pieces at

See something you like? Let us know and we’ll make sure to pass along the kudos.

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