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The Right Amount of Business

22 Feb The Right Amount of Business

Well here’s a post we never expected to make – we are actually booked solid until the middle of May and won’t be taking on any new clients until the beginning of that month(!)


What brought us to this turn of events? It finally hit us late last week after burning the midnight oil (or 3AM oil, as some of our client emails will attest to) for too many months in a row, that the potential for compromising our client projects was starting to become a real possibility. So based on our scheduled workloads over the next 3 months, we’ve taken the highly unorthodox step of essentially shutting down new-business development for a short spell. (Ok, not 100% accurate. Our business developers are still meeting with potential clients, but are under strict orders to not schedule any production work until the end of May)

“Just hire more people!”

Don’t think that we didn’t consider that (and it’s not completely off the table), although we haven’t found quite the right fits for our organization and we don’t want to try and force anything in that regard. Also, as many of you business owners will attest to, more bodies doesn’t always translate into less workload.

What should our existing clients (both past and present) expect during this time? Simply this: That we’ll do every single job to the best of our abilities. If burning a little 3AM oil is what it takes to get your project done on time and budget, you know that we’ll be there for you during this time as we always have in the past. Thanks for allowing us to continue to serve you, and to those potential new customers-the month of May will be here before you know it!

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