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The Right Amount of Runways

07 Aug The Right Amount of Runways

So, time will tell whether this is a good idea or falls into a very crowded category we like to call “what the heck were we thinking?” Essentially we’ll be testing each other by coming up with somewhat offbeat or unusual posts that complete the phrase “the right amount of…” The only rules are that the post has to be relevant to both Orange County (or at least SoCal) and our business.

Why? 2 reasons really; The first being that it ties in to our core business tagline or mission statement, and the second is (frankly) because it sounded like fun. Time will tell. Sometimes the connections between the post and our business may seem a bit of a reach, but hey, it’s our company and our blog so (for now) we’re going to run with it.

When I think of runways, I think of our local John Wayne airport. I have strong memories of waiting outside the chain link fence as a child (please don’t do the math!) as my dad climbed down the stairs after a business trip, picked up his bag from beside the plane, walked across the tarmac to the gate and climbed into our car and drove home. The experience is just a bit different now.

Guess how many runways John Wayne airport (Obviously it went by another name back then!) had in 1929? There were exactly 2 runways. Do you know how many it has in 2014? There are still 2 runways, albeit considerably lengthened and re-engineered. Although the terminal has increased in size (from 22,000 square feet in 1967 to over 730,000 square feet today), the number of runways has remained exactly the same. I don’t claim to be an expert on the subject of airport construction, but I’d say they got it right way back when.

So – what’s the (admittedly tenuous) connection here? What does the “right amount of runways” have to do with building a website or running a successful digital marketing campaign? (Stay with me here) When we craft a strategy for our clients, we’re not only looking at the present but into the future as well. We want to ensure that whatever we build for you today will also serve you tomorrow as well. We don’t overbuild, as that only drives up cost with few direct benefits. On the other hand, flexibility and scalability are key components of the projects we undertake. At John Wayne the number of runways constructed was exactly correct, but the capacity existed to both lengthen them and dramatically increase the size of the terminals to keep the airport relevant nearly a century later. I can’t promise that your website will still be around in 2114(!), but we do promise that we’ll build it with the right amount of runways to both maximize your marketing budget and provide for future growth and expansion.

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